ARZURIA  |  Jarkarta, Indonesia

Arzuria is a place, elegantly distinctive, in which one can find comfort and solace amidst the hustle and bustle of a dynamic, thriving metropolitan that is the city of Jakarta.

The design strives to provide a refuge of tranquillity and calmness which are qualified by space, light and structural order, aligned with the holistic design ethos/philosophy of SCDA Architects

The palettes of well-crafted hardscape, lush greeneries as well as water features further reiterate a smooth transition from the bustling hectic Jakarta to the resident’s door step. The carefully orchestrated landscape further helps to blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor, engendering a sensuous engagement with the natural elements.

The project strives to display the sensitivity to the inherent beauty of natural materials, expressed through clarity in construction details and elements in architectural expression.

2015 Indonesia Property Awards: Best Residential Architectural Design